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Value-tree analysis


The regulation policies are evaluated and compared using a value tree shown below. You can look at illustrative prioritisations (these are preliminary views only) or do your own analysis and comparison by opening the water-compr.jmd or water-envir.jmd file in the web-HIPRE Global Decision Support System.

Other new methods tested include dynamic multicriteria choice models as well as the interval techniques in decision analysis. The software WINPRE is used both in individual support and in group consensus seeking.

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Web-HIPRE: Value tree

Compromise (water-compr.jmd):

compromise-composite-priorities.jpg (58235 bytes)
Web-HIPRE: Composite Priorities, compromise.

Environmental (water-envir.jmd):

environmental-composite-priorities.jpg (64098 bytes)
Web-HIPRE: Composite Priorities, environmental.


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